Abigail's Story

Vacation Interrupted

Ectopic pregnancy… 

Isn’t that what he’d said? After the doctor’s initial tests, and prior to performing the IUI treatment?

“With your tubes as they are, I have to warn you that you are at a very high risk for an ectopic pregnancy…”

Was that what this was? It better not be….And how far along was I? I had no idea. I hadn’t realized that I was late until after I took the pregnancy test.

One thing I knew, I needed a new doctor. The OBGYN I saw prior to my fertility specialist had moved away. And the fertility specialist didn’t monitor pregnancies beyond the first trimester.

I googled “top OBGYN’s in Albuquerque” and found a lady who had rave reviews. I called her office immediately.

“We have an opening Monday at 9:30.”

“Really? That sounds great. Thank you so much!”

I hung up the phone then realized, oh yeah, I’m in California. 

We were supposed to stay here for the next week and a half, but it looked like plans were about to change. I wasn’t prepared to tell people until we had a chance to see the doctor and get a confirmation that this was a valid pregnancy. I couldn’t wait to begin a relationship with this doctor who would see me through the entire journey. The 700 miles was worth it to us. We needed peace of mind.

The next evening, my brother and sister-in-law arrived at my parents house, their children excited to play with Sweet Pea come morning. While everyone slept, I laid in my bed, waiting for their arrival.  When I heard the door open, I ran out to the living room to greet them. It was 10:00 at night.

After the I’ve-missed-you’s and hugs were shared, I let them in on the news.

“I’m pregnant,” I whispered, so as not to wake everybody up. My brother smiled, and sister-in-law burst into tears. They knew of our struggle to get to this place, and rejoiced with me quietly.

“We’re leaving in the morning to head back to Albuquerque to see a doctor.” I regretted that we’d miss almost the entire visit with them being at my parents house. But I wanted to make sure they understood why we were leaving right as they arrived.

Of course, they did.

The next morning, we began the 700-mile trek back home.


Monday morning

The last time I was laying on one of these tables, all I got was bad news. I was desperately hoping this would be different.

“Alright… let’s see what we’ve got.”

The doctor was kind, and definitely lived up to the reviews I’d read. I’d only known her a few minutes, and already she’d listened and cared, and hoped with us that we wouldn’t be finding bad news. Please, don’t be an ectopic pregnancy. She poked the camera around until…

“Oh, there it is,” she smiled, her eyes letting me know that it was okay now to breathe. The tiniest little white fuzz was flickering against the black backdrop.

“Is that it???” I asked.

“That’s your baby. Safe and sound in your uterus…” she said, emphasizing the fact I needed to hear. She smiled, and continued. “And that flicker?  That’s it’s heartbeat.”

My own heart paused, so I could take this in. My baby had a heart, and it was steadily beating away, hard at work.

Of course, I cried. The relief seeping out of me.

The little flicker measured 6 weeks and 1 day.

Only 34 weeks to go…


The next appointment was made for January 26th, my birthday.

I’d decided not to share the news until then. We needed another appointment, another verification that everything was going well.

But, as most people do when excited, I couldn’t wait that long.  I sent out a text to our close family and friends a few days prior. Their responses made it feel all the more real as my phone filled with loving replies and well wishes.

Finally, January 26th came.

The doctor squeezed the gel on my beginning-to-swell belly. She pressed the machine into my skin, slid it around a bit, until finally…

boom boom, boom boom, boom boom

“Ah, there it is,” The doctor smiled at me. “There’s the heartbeat.”

I wanted to listen to it forever.

I looked over to my husband, Sweet Pea sitting on his lap, the biggest smile on his face. “Do you hear that? That’s little brother or sister.” His voice cracked.

We were listening to a miracle.


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