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We’d heard the word before… we’d even used the word before. We knew the truth behind it, but now, here, coming out of the judge’s mouth, it became REAL. “In the matter of (Sweet Pea), she is, by the state, found to be abandoned by the birth mother… and we are now to seek termination of her rights.”

I pictured my precious girl, who was now 5 months old, and I wondered the very thing any reasonable loving mother could wonder… how could anybody abandon her? I knew her birth mother had doped up the morning she gave birth to her, and therefore she certainly wasn’t even realizing what she was doing. But she had given birth, and left.

She never looked back.

And now her baby was officially “abandoned.”

My heart ached inside as I knew that someday in the future, should we be blessed enough to raise this girl, she would ask me about her. She would want to know about her birth mother. And what would I be able to say?

I regretted that there’d be nothing positive, and I wondered what that would do to her. How it would affect her adolescent years and the natural teenage process of seeking one’s identity. I wondered what I could do to instill enough confidence in her to make this not matter for her.

Because, the truth of the matter is… she wasn’t abandoned. Yes, she was left at the hospital by a terribly sick young woman who couldn’t even take care of herself, much less a baby. But she was never abandoned. The day that her mother walked out on her, God had written in her book all along. Though the nurses likely fretted, wondering if the mother would return, God never wavered. From His perspective, things were working out perfectly.

It was all a part of the plan. The plan that would make this girl into something special. The plan that would, in a small way, reflect His passionate love for us and His heart’s cry for us to be His through the miracle of adoption. The plan that would redeem her life and enrich ours tremendously.

She was never abandoned.

God had her in His hands all along, and He wasn’t about to let go.


(To continue the story, click here)


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