To “her”

Tomorrow I celebrate my first “official” Mother’s Day. Obviously, I’m incredibly grateful to God for orchestrating the whole situation for me to be able to say that. I’m also grateful to the precious little princess who has “made me a mom.” But there’s one more person I need to thank, a sacrifice I need to acknowledge… I was thinking of her tonight, and when I put pen to paper, this is what came out.



At some point tomorrow,

You’ll think of me, and her,

You’ll wonder how we’re doing,

And regrets are sure to stir.


Regrets about what happened,

And how you gave her up,

You’ll wonder was it right?

Or did you not love her enough?


Right now, she’s sound asleep,

Tucked safely into bed,

She’s bathed and warm and happy,

Her belly fully fed.


She’s thriving here, amidst the love,

We pour on her each day,

And healthy because the grace of God’s

Wiped your mistakes away.


So don’t feel guilty now

For what you’ve put her through,

She’s living an abundant life,

And it’s all because of you.


The strength it took to pass the torch

To me, I’ll never know,

But I thank you for being brave enough

To selflessly let go,


Tomorrow I’ll celebrate Mother’s Day,

My first “officially,”

Because of the sweet baby,

You’ve entrusted unto me.


One thought on “To “her”

  1. Wow, how poignant. Loved it. I hope you keep this so should there ever be a day in the distant future when your daughter and/or yourself get to see birth mom, it can be given to her. I know of a couple birth moms who could have used reading something like this in their life after entrusting their child to adoption. Marianne

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