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A Special Shower

We’d had our girl a week, and we were adjusting to our new normal. So many blessings hit us at once as we received package after package in the mail from family and friends who were excited for us and were apparently anxious for a reason to buy adorable baby girl clothes.


There are several things that I regret about not being able to have a baby naturally. Experiencing a pregnancy is one of them (though I’m sure women who get extremely sick during this period would consider this a blessing). Another is missing out on the intimacy of breast-feeding a child who solely relies on you for nourishment. And another is, of course, not getting to experience the excitement of a baby shower.


But what a wonderful God we have. I did get that baby shower, only, like everything else, it came disguised. I didn’t go out shopping for a perfect maternity dress to show off my ready-to-pop belly. I didn’t sit around in a circle surrounded by women that I love. I didn’t play silly games or eat fancy little foods.


I stayed home.


And I got to open presents and cards full of love, one day at a time after returning from the mailbox. I was showered with gifts from near and far, and encouraged by all who would’ve been invited to my party. But the great thing is… they didn’t need an invitation. I didn’t have to state our need for clothes, toys, bibs, and other such baby items. God knew our need, and he touched the hearts of those close to us and called on them to supply it.


There was even a family at our church with two little girls who were moving out of state just a few weeks later, and didn’t want the hassle of lugging along their baby clothes. They brought us bags full. And along with that, a baby swing, a mobile, and some other odds and ends.


Another friend offered to lend us a beautiful wooden cradle that her dad had hand-made for her sons, who were older and no longer had use for it.


Another was gracious enough to give us their practically brand-new Jeep stroller, along with a car seat.


And yet another friend offered us her pack ‘n play and high chair.


It’s amazing what happens when you forfeit control to God.


(To continue the story, click here)


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